1. "He [the Bent One] would have made them as your people are now — wise enough to see the death of their kind approaching but not wise enough to endure it."
  2. "It seems to me, Thick One, that what you really love is no completed creature but the seed itself: for that is all that is left."
  3. "The best poetry, then, comes in the roughest speech?"
  4. "But he had not looked for anything quite so classic, virginal, as this bright new grove — lying so still, so secret, in its colored valley, soaring with inimitable grace so many hundred feet into the wintry sunlight."
  5. "They are like one trying to lift himself by his own hair — or one trying to see a whole country when he is on level with it..."
  6. " 'Yes,' he said dully to the sorn. 'That is my world.' It was the bleakest moment in all his travels."
  7. "They can throw death at a distance with a thing they have made."
  8. "There I drank life because death was in the pool. That was he best of drinks save one."
  9. "A pleasure is full grown only when it is remembered."
  10. "And indeed the poem is a good example. For the most line becomes fully splendid only by means of all the lines after it; if you went back to it you would find it less splendid than you thought. You would kill it."
  11. "He remembered how H.G. Wells' Cavor had met his end on he moon, also he felt shy."
  12. "He had not known how much it affected him till now — now that the very name 'Space' seemed a blasphemous libel for this empyrean ocean of radiance in which they swam."
  13. "Older thinkers had been wiser when they named it the simply the heavens..."
  14. Static