(Entitled: "Jouska-Maker's Love Song")
  1. The car rides smoothly upon the tracks
    (Across the aisle, I offer warm "hello")
  2. Her vivid blouse is brilliant yellow and lovely red
    (I think I made the memory inside my head)
  3. On the chilled seat, her frigid beautiful smile
    (Next to her, no doubt she will know)
  4. Fitzgerald hangs loosely from her waist
    (I, like her, intelligent and vastly deep)
  5. She labors hard, her soles are worn
    (Our souls laugh, they love, they wonder names)
  6. Her posture leans with grace, hands relaxed on stoic face
    ("Rosaline", "I'll be your Romeo")
  7. She shrugs, shuddering soft and turns to go
    (We make plans to meet, Saturday after next)
  8. Subway stops, her gentle grasp clasps the rail of lead
    (I think I made the memory inside my head)
  9. She leaves first, I follow suit
    (I have never been so close to meeting someone like you)
  10. (Thank you @miriatallcosts for providing the word in the title)