A dialogue by E.D.R. Wood
  1. "Work was fine. Same patterns, same annoyances, same life.
  2. "Sorry, dear. I didn't know you were brooding. I'll ask again later."
  3. "I'm not brooding. I'm annoyed."
  4. "Well what have I done? You've only just got home ten minutes ago."
  5. "No...no it wasn't you."
  6. "Well then who was it?"
  7. "Maybe I am brooding then."
  8. "Answer my question. Who was it? Or what was it then?"
  9. "Just something at work."
  10. "Well you seem awful upset by it."
  11. "I'm not. I'm just brooding. I'm awful annoyed by it."
  12. "We've been married twelve years. I know when you're upset."
  13. "I'm not upset, Susan. I'm annoyed."
  14. "But you're brooding over it, Mark. You never brood."
  15. "Well, maybe I want to just this once."
  16. "You're pathetic."
  17. "Susan, it's nothing. Drop it."
  18. "Ok. But you have me concerned. You have been truly worried now."
  19. "Ok. What's for dinner, hon?"
  20. "Chicken marseille. I thought you might enjoy it tonight."
  21. "It sounds great, dear. Truly wonderful."
  22. "Good...I'm glad."
  23. "Don't be curt with me. I mean it. It sounds wonderful."
  24. "It didn't sound like you meant it."
  25. "Well, forgive me Susan. 'Truly wonderful.' Any better?"
  26. "Absolutely not. You wanna know why?"
  27. "Why?"
  28. "Because you're still brooding, Mark. I'm quite frazzled by it. You never brood."
  29. "You don't think I'll like dinner because I'm brooding?"
  30. "Oh you'll like it fine. If you can ever get out of your pitiful mood, that is."
  31. "I told you to drop it. It's really nothing."
  32. "What do you expect me to talk about then?"
  33. "The weather."
  34. "Now you're being curt with me. Can't you see I'm upset. My voice...it's starting to shake, Mark."
  35. "So let's talk about the damn weather."
  36. "Don't get upset at me. Don't get upset at me now, Mark. I'm just worried."
  37. "I know. I'm sorry, Susan. Let's change the subject."
  38. "Oh, dear. Can't you h-hear me? I need to know what happened."
  39. "Alright. But after dinner dear. I want to eat my chicken. It looks truly wonderful."
  40. "No. Right now. Co-come on, Mark. I'm shaking."
  41. "Calm down Susan, just calm down."
  42. "I can't now, Mark. Tell me. I need y-you to t-tell me...Mark?"
  43. "QUIT IT! I said to drop it."
  44. "Oh Mark..."
  45. "Susan..."
  46. "..."
  47. "Susan I'm sorry. I...I didn't mean to yell."
  48. "..."
  49. "Ok, you win. I'll tell you now. I'll tell you now."
  50. "Just...what happened...what happened at work?"
  51. "The whole damn building collapsed."
  52. "What?!?"
  53. "It collapsed in on itself."
  54. "How? When? Are you alright?"
  55. "See?"
  56. "See what?"
  57. "I didn't want you to worry. I didn't want you to freak out."
  58. "Well...you told me that the same things happened as they always did. Why'd you lie, Mark?"
  59. "Because I'm fine. I'm fine."
  60. "Why wasn't it on the news? Building as big as that goes down and you'd expect it to make the news..."
  62. "..."
  63. "Susan. I'm sorry Susan..."
  64. "Stop lying Mark. Stop lying. I hate it when you do that..."
  65. "I know I lied. I'm sorry. I'll tell you tomorrow. I'll tell you tomorrow for real. I promise."
  66. "..."
  67. "Oh come now. You're fine. I'm fine. We're just fine, Susan."
  68. "I don't even want to know. I don't care."
  69. "Ok. Ok. Ok..."
  70. "Go to bed. Just take your wonderful chicken and go to bed."
  71. "Ok. We're fine, Susan. I promise."
  72. "Go to bed, Mark."
  73. "You're crying, Susan. Don't you cry."
  74. "..."
  75. "Oh, look. I'm crying now."