The Traveler

(Now, of four)
  1. She is not the sun
  2. (How could she be so hard to look at)
  3. No, she is not the moon
  4. (Which waxes and wanes without care)
  5. She is but the bright, evening star
  6. Empowering the lonesome traveler
  7. For, when the night creeps upon
  8. Him
  9. She stands resolute, glowing
  10. A preservation of the moment
  11. A still frame which captures time
  12. In a bottle, diminishing it
  13. Til it becomes irrelevant
  14. The moon becomes distant,
  15. The sun a pleasant memory
  16. She smiles so peacefully
  17. And the traveler breathes deeply
  18. Enveloped by her loving arms
  19. For the perpetual eternity