Top 5 Things to Do in Spring Break

Here is the First List of Many to Come. Please Request Top 5s of Anything and I Will do Them
  1. 1.
    Netflix 👀
    Watching your favourite show/movies or starting new shows or movies. I am finishing off the office. The best show ever. Netflix is always a safe option and can be done whenever.
  2. 2.
    Listening to Music 🎶
    Music, the art not to the eyes but to the ears. Music is a great way to pass time. Listening to your favourite artists and new albums. For example More Life by DRAKE or The Heart Part IV KENDRICK LAMAR
  3. 3.
    Sleep 😴
    Getting extra time to sleep and nap during whatever time you want and staying up as late as you want. Probably one of the best parts of Spring Break
  4. 4.
    Work 🙏🏽
    Working is a good time, especially for young people, to make some extra money for yourself and will pay off in the future.
  5. 5.
    Party 🎉
    To finish the fort list of many, party. Partying with your friends. Classic way to spend some of your time in spring break and getting lit 🌬