Over a year ago I went from unemployed to a full-time-and-a-half job. And I remained a mother-of-two, a wife and a housewife.
  1. 60
    Number of books I challenged myself to read during 2015.
  2. 62
    Number of books I have read so far.
  3. 52
    One book a week is how much I can honestly expect myself to read in a year. Although I would like to read twice as much.
  4. 9
    Number of children's books (included in the 60 total). These were either read to my daughters or to my students.
  5. 20
    Number of books I would definitely read again.
  6. 1
    Number of non fiction books read this year.
  7. 0
    Number of poetry books read this year.
  8. Reading is breathing
    No kidding. With such a crazy amount of work as I've had since October 2014, reading is really what keeps me sane.
  9. English Breakfast Tea
    The absolute best companion to a good book.
  10. Crazy Book Lady
    What your co-workers call you, because no one else has ever been seen sneaking in reading time during school breaks.
  11. My time is precious
    Which is why I did not finish two books this year. I read for pleasure. If a book is too boring for too many pages, I'll put it down. This is not something I enjoy doing and I do try to get to the end, but if I am not enjoying it, I don't insist as much as I used to.
  12. Favourite reading time
    Always. In the early morning, when everyone else is still sleeping, in the afternoon, late at night. Whenever. Really.
  13. Hardback, paperback
    My favourite format. I do love my kindle, particularly in bed and during commutes, in the evening, because of the built-in light. But I do prefer reading in paper. Which is another thing I found out this year.
  14. Portuguese
    Reading in my native language adds pleasure to my reading. And I read faster in Portuguese than in English too.
  15. Translation
    A lot is often lost in translation, especially between two languages as different as these two. Although I did feel strange about some sentences in the translated books I read this year, my opinion is that Portuguese editors are now working much better in this regard than they used to a dozen years ago, when I gave up on translated books.