Digital Products I love(d) and use(d) every single day.

I love things that are well made, last long and have a good relationship with my life. here are some.
  1. Moto G 2nd generation
    Typing on it right now. Nowadays is amazing when a 3 year old phone can handle an active digital life such as mine. Just 1G of RAM and a full 1 day charge ... Longer on weekends when used less. Expandable memory through ever-cheaper microSD. It has updated twice going on Marshmallow. One of the best buys I've made.
  2. Pebble steel
    I have a black one with he chainy thing for my wrist. I went about 10 years without using a watch. When he whole craze about smart watches came about I was skeptic. What would you need it for? The pebble answers it delightfully: mostly time. Beautiful smart watch faces, useful mini apps and controls for your phone and notifications so you can stop staring at it every six seconds. Battery life is absurd, e-ink is the stuff for magic. Also the company culture is awesome.
  3. Kindle touch 2nd generation
    Digital gadgets I can use with the same abandon I have for regular (non-digitals) are the best in my book. Absurd charge, tons of books, plugins for your TL;DRs. They upgrade the experience constantly with better typefaces and lots of perks such as inline dictionary and embedded social networking for readers.
  4. Mac mini 2010s (circa)
    This is my home computer and media center. Hooked to a flat screen and controlled mostly with my phone. What I love the most about it: I've had it forever and I can't even remember when I bought it. It works fine every day. How many digital products can you say the same about?
  5. Macbook pro retina 2015
    Newest digital I own. It stays there and does the work. My everyday main tool and I throw a lot to it. It's cased, covered in stickers and under a long warranty. It doesn't stand between me and my work (graphic - digital designer) because it shouldn't.
  6. Ipod shuffle original. 512mb.
    Oh the memories! I don't use this one anymore but it still works! (Hence the d's in the title.) This little stick carried a lot of my music and it's interface is one of the most intuitive experiences I've come across. The industrial design is out of this world. Batt life amazing and the whole shuffle idea is a testament to how concepts well thought will always be better than bells and whistles.