1. Clowns can only marry other clowns and their children will be clowns. I did knew they were wearing makeup but I still had that idea.
  2. Public places are closed on Sundays cuz statues need a day off. Except churches that have a reversed schedule.
  3. There is a huge line at the countries' borders. You know, like in a map.
  4. Everything would end in 1990. Meaning the world.
  5. My parents carry a lot of mail and cool papers in their wallets... They were bills.
  6. All countries have wars periodically. I thought war was like the Olympics and war was made to keep soldiers busy. (Salvadoran, civil war started in 79 and lasted till 91, 92)
    I did figure out it wasn't exactly the case before it was over. I know now I wasn't totally wrong after all. :(
  7. Wow. That last one made me a bit sad.
  8. I will stop being a kid and be boring and know a lot of stuff. 33 and still miles to go.