1. Parklife - 1994
    Standouts: All Of it.
  2. Blur - 1997
    Standouts: Beetlebum, Song 2, MOR, On Your Own, Theme From Retro, Death Of A Party, Strange News From Another Star.
  3. Modern Life Is Rubbish - 1993
    Standouts: For Tomorrow, Chemical World, Colin Zeal, Star Shaped, Sunday Sunday, Intermission, Oily Water.
  4. The Magic Whip - 2015
    Standouts: Lonesome Street, New World Towers, Go Out, Ice Cream Man, I Broadcast, Ong Ong, There Are Too Many Of Us, Pyongyang.
  5. The Great Escape - 1995
    Standouts: Best Days, Charmless Man, The Universal, It Could Be You.
  6. 13 - 1999
    Standouts: Tender, Coffee & TV, No Distance Left To Run, Trimm Trabb.
  7. Think Tank - 2003
    Standouts: Ambulance, Out Of Time, Battery In Your Leg.
  8. Leisure - 1993
    Standouts: Sing, She's So High, There's No Other Way.
  9. Also great non-album tracks: Popscene, Music Is My Radar, Under The Westway.