Whittled down my list to a top 20
  1. Mad Max Fury Road
    Saw it four times. Might make it five before it disappears.
  2. Inside Out
    Why can't all live action films be this smart?
  3. Amy
    Devastating Amy Winehouse documentary.
  4. What We Do In The Shadows
    Funniest film of the year.
  5. The Witch
    This is a great horror debut.
  6. Mistress America
    Noah Baumbach's second great comedy in one year.
  7. Love And Mercy
    Amazing performances by Dano & Cusack. Really great music biopic.
  8. It Follows
  9. Ex Machina
  10. Wild Tales
  11. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl
  12. While We're Young
    Noah Baumbach's second great comedy of the year.
  13. Cop Car
  14. '71
  15. Cinderella
  16. The Diary Of A Teenage Girl
  17. The Overnight
  18. The Stanford Prison Experiment
  19. The Wolf Pack
  20. Far From The Madding Crowd