Funny Things My 5 Year Old Says

It's hard to argue with his logic
  1. While at his grandmother's house, I threatened to send him to his room. His response, " I don't have a room here."
  2. He sees an elderly lady who he refers to as an "old lady". His mother tries to correct by saying that it's not nice. His response..."she's a human and she's old. She's an old lady."
  3. We are getting into an elevator that an African American mother is exiting with a stroller. He says, "she had a brown baby." I tell him it's not nice to refer to people by color. I asked him what if people said he was a white boy. His response was "I am white. And I like it."
  4. He says "Open Sesame" when we enter the automatic doors at Target. I say "How'd you do that." He replies, "I have powers." I respond, "I can't do that." He says, "but I'm special"
  5. He loves the candy Mike and Ike's so I give him Hot Tamales. He's asking why they test different. Me: Mike and Ike's test like fruit and Hot Tamales test like... Him: Fire?!?