What I Think in Airports/planes

  1. If I get coffee, do I have time to drink it before I get on the plane?
  2. Why do I always get behind the person who has never been through airport security?
  3. Shopping bags do not qualify as luggage.
  4. Are they going to let this person on the plane with a briefcase/purse, carry on luggage, and a backpack
  5. Why would you ever check a bag?
  6. Should I gate check my bag?
  7. How does the person in the aisle always beat me onto the plane?
  8. Please don't let him/her sit next to me.
  9. Damn!
  10. I'm going to work on the plane
  11. I wonder what's on the TV app
  12. I am not paying $9.99 for Wifi.
  13. I wish this guy in the next row would stop discussing financial issues/real estate
  14. What would I do if this plane crashed / was hijacked?
  15. I love watching the delayed flights passengers try to run to their next flight
  16. Why is all candy super sized and expensive
  17. I love traveling by myself
  18. I hate parking lot/rental car shuttles
  19. Why does the TSA Security reminding people to remove their shoes and wallets always think they are headlining at Zanies
  20. Maybe if you hadn't worn the pants with 20 zippers down the legs, you wouldn't be getting the elaborate pat treatment