1. I wonder if this place has bedbugs
  2. Don't think about UV lights or what you might find
  3. I hate this TV
  4. I hope no one else is in the fitness center
  5. I think I got the "Honeymoon Suite"
  6. Hampton Inn's never have a view other than the parking lot
  7. How can I get another cookie from Doubletree
  8. Why am I always surprised by the lack of breakfast options at a Hampton
  9. I wonder if I could live comfortably in a Home2Suites room...I think I could.
  10. I should bring alcohol wipes for the remote
  11. I can smell perfume from the previous guest
  12. Who is leaving their room / slamming their door at 4am
  13. Who turned on the air conditioner in the winter?
  14. Why is the air conditioner set at 62?
  15. Why is the air conditioner/heater making so much noise?