these are ideas for movies that I dream up while stuck on public transport. All titles are works in progress of course.
  1. Match Made in Heaven
    Two couple go on a blind date. The worst date ever. Then one of each couple die and as the two living people meet and fall in love so do the others ghosts who are haunting them...complicated I know but it's a romcom and can you imagine the meet cute for two ghosts?
  2. When A Stranger Txts
    A thriller in which a girl on her regular commute is stalked by a fellow commuter who gets all his info from reading over her shoulder as she's on her phone.
  3. The Pretender: A Remake
    Because all we do is remake stuff now. Who remembers this show?
  4. No Witty Title
    A tech billionaire wants to give his money to good causes but they need to really good. So he becomes a really lame vigilante super hero. The witty title will obviously be his super hero name which I just don't have yet...
  5. When A Stranger Txts: 2
    The guy next to me on the bus totally saw me writing this and now thinks I'm a crazy stalker. No I don't care what Simone wants for dinner and I am not reading what you are doing. In the sequel it turns out the girl becomes a crazy stalker herself trying to protect other people from stalkers. Like a PTSD thing.