1. Breakfast =Tacos
    Obviously you can eat tacos anywhere, but if you get invited to breakfast in Texas, don't expect eggs and pancakes.
  2. Highway Debris
    I've driven up and down the east coast and I've never seen as many tires, ladders, extension cords, buckets, etc. in the road.
  3. Ya'll
    Apparently this is fine to say even in professional emails
  4. Walk score = 0
    You must drive everywhere here and public transit is not the best.
  5. There are seasons, just 26 instead of 4.
    Every two weeks is something else: rain, cold, hot, humid, hurricane, tornado, pollen... in any random order.
  6. Everyone is so sweet. Sweet as in sugarcoating.
    Maybe my east coast upbringing makes me less tolerant to the dripping sweet superficiality of the south. I'd much rather have the brutal, painful truth.
  7. No such thing as a plastic utensil
    If you get foods to go, be sure you have utensils wherever you're taking that food. You will not get plastic utensils if you don't specifically ask for them
  8. Sunrises and sunsets
    You haven't seen a sunrise or sunset unless you've seen it in the Texas sky. Everyday they're as beautiful as the day before.
  9. Food from everywhere
    If it exists, you can find it in Houston (although it may not be easy)
  10. Must bring sweater
    Even though the weather can get really hot, you must prepare yourself for the icy cold of every building you enter. May be the only reason you can still find winter clothes for sale.