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Like, life changing, man.
  1. You can do anything you want, but you can't do everything you want.
    Sacrifices will have to be made
  2. Don't suffer fools
    This is basically my life motto
  3. Always have a "Fuck you" in the chamber
    Don't take shit from strangers.
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Post apocalyptic or just off the grid hippies, I'm a valuable asset!
  1. I can grow the hell out of some plants
    I know it might not seem like I'm the farming type (and I'm not. I love me some grocery store) what with my prone to 3rd degree sun burn skin but I grew up on a hippy farm and once grew a sunflower the size of a car tire. Humble brag!
  2. I don't want to be in charge of the commune
    You don't have to worry about a bloody coup from me, no sir! I'm a great follower! Aye aye chief!
  3. I can sew
    Mostly buttons....but how hard can it be? I also know quilting theory.
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This is my favorite type of movie, and yes, I am adequately embarrassed. I'm only making this list so others can find it and have their eyes glaze over too.
  1. Cairo Time (2009)
    The slooooowwwwwest slow burn ever. But so hot (no pun intended-what's up Egypt!). Love these actors (Patricia Clarkson Alexander Siddig) the settings, love that the dialogue has them both saying and doing cringe worthy stuff to try and impress the other. Magnificent!
  2. The Tamarind Seed (1974)
    I had never even heard of this old ass wonderful movie before 2009 but Omar Sharif is his normal charming self and Julie Andrews is so no-nonsense. What happens when an Egyptian pretend to be a Russian takes the most up tight chick ever clubbing in 1970's?! The most understated fireworks ever! Oh and there's some Cold War spy shit too, Comrade.
  3. The Man From UNCLE (2015)
    Another Cold War spy shit slow burn! Illya and Gaby forever! Tons of smoldering! There's actually an interesting plot and the bad guys are like mustache twirling bad but the dance wrestling and the tracker fixing- yowza!
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