Want to make a movie about corpses rising from the dead? That's cool. Start here with my reanimation movie ingredients list.
  1. Brilliant but Misunderstood Scientist
    Obviously, the story would go nowhere without the key ingredient: an overzealous scientist with a passion for reanimation.
  2. Serum and/or Electricity
    Electricity is classic, but a proprietary serum can glow green and have endless mysterious capabilities.
  3. Animal Experiment
    Before human experiments can occur, it's pretty necessary to test your reanimation methods on an unsuspecting cat or dog.
  4. Disposable Assistant(s)
    Who better to escalate the situation but some bright-eyed assistants? These can also be subbed in with extra reanimated corpses that do your scientist's bidding.
  5. Oppressive Dean
    You'll need an antagonistic medical school dean or other authority to shut down research because it's too experimental.
  6. Loved One
    The SO of the scientist or their key associate. Someone who will inspire some bad decisions.
  7. Unfortunate Side-Effects
    Coming back from the dead isn't pretty. When it happens, be sure to throw in some side-effects like super strength, homicidal tendencies, insanity, or even telekinesis. Let your imagination run wild!