Requested by Annie

favorite improv skits you have participated in

Ugh, to be honest most of them are a blur. It all happens so fast that as soon as I get off stage it's like I blacked out and don't remember anything that just happened
  1. In one rehearsal skit a mother (Kelsey) and a daughter (Me) were arguing over how the mother needs to let the daughter take risks. Exasperated the daughter blurts out "I'm 19 and you won't even let me take the training wheels off of my bike" it culminated in the two is working through the issue using exclusively bike puns
  2. At the last show Liz and I tried to literally cry someone a river and ended up severely dehydrated
  3. For my audition I did a monologue about going into a restaurant and accidentally befriending a bunch of old war vets and trading war stories even though I didn't have any, because I was too afraid of being impolite and telling the vets that I was in fact not their friend from 'Nam but a 18 year old college student who gets winded going up stairs