Reasons I Have to Go Back to Cincinnati

"We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!"
  1. I want to go to another Reds game
    I am developing a baseball problem and Great American Ball Park is a pretty cool place to catch a game.
  2. The Museum Center was closed for renovations
    This former train terminal and model for the Hall of Justice now houses several museums and my friends were really disappointed they couldn't take me. The building is shut down for repairs and restoration.
  3. I didn't take any pictures
    Okay, here's one picture I took, but seriously, by my standards, I barely shot a thing. And that's too bad, because parts of the city are some of some of the oldest neighborhoods in the country.
  4. The Fried Chicken Sandwich at The Eagle is The Best Thing I Ever Ate
    Ah, so that's why the wait time at The Eagle can exceed an hour and a half. I cannot stop thinking about this sandwich.
  5. To explore the creepy underground more
    So Cincinnati is full of underground rooms, tunnels, ladders, and stairs. My friends live in a building that connects to part of it, but there's apparently an even larger tour you can take just a few blocks away.
  6. To find all the castle parts scattered through the city
    There's just random towers and arches around the city that resemble pieces of a castle. I'm not sure I've seen them all. Plus, there's an actual castle just north of Cincinnati that hosts Harry Potter weekends and is taken care of by knights apparently.