Set list, pics, and notes from a fantastic show in the rain.
  1. 1. Say Something Loving
  2. 2. Crystallized
  3. 3. Islands
  4. 4. I Dare You
    "I've been a romantic for so long. All I ever have are love songs." This damn song is a different kind of high.
  5. 5. Lips
  6. 6. Sunset
  7. 7. Basic Space
    Very sparse version compared to album. Simply Romy and Sims on vocals with Jamie xx on keys.
  8. 8. Performance
    Romy introduces it as a very personal song and plays it solo. Stopped after first chorus.
  9. 9. Infinity
  10. 10. VCR
    "But you, you just know, you just do."
  11. 11. Dangerous
    Sims: At the start of the tour, I would dedicate this song to the couples in the crowd. But now I'm single... and, I'm quite bitter about it. So now, this song is for all the single people here tonight.
  12. 12. Fiction —>
    Song ends, beat continues. Straight into:
  13. 13. Shelter —>
    Reworked into a dance-your-ass-off rave up for live performance. Just fantastic. The beat's not done though, and the bass drum carries over to:
  14. 14. Loud Places —>
    "I have never reached such heights." The xx leave stage, but the bass drum keeps going. Jamie xx returns to stage and starts playing Hall & Oates, which means...
  15. 15. ENCORE: On Hold
    "Young hearts all need love. Call it a lesson"
  16. 16. ENCORE: Intro
  17. 17. ENCORE: Angels
  18. Static
    Sims: "Thank you for being so warm on such a cold night. It means the world."