1. So today I flew home from Disney World
  2. I was sad to leave
  3. But happy to be home
  4. I guess
  5. And my head hurt really bad from the flight
  6. I got off and started leaving
  7. And a TV said Prince was dead.
  12. Purple Rain is falling from a cloud hanging above my head.
  13. I'm in denial that Prince is dead.
  14. I realize that this is the time When Doves Cry.
  15. I'm so sad
  16. I Would Die 4 U, Prince
  17. Listening to his songs over and over makes me Delirious.
  18. All I need is a hug and a Kiss.
  19. I bet you everyone agrees when I say Let's Go Crazy.
  20. Some people may say LetItGo
  21. I say NEVER
  22. And I think I Hate U for that
  23. Take Me With You, Prince
  24. Your music is like Diamonds and Pearls.
  25. It's Gonna Be Lonely without you, Prince.
  26. Hopefully no one has a Breakdown.
  27. Goodbye, Prince.
  28. You can still live the Pop Life.