How are you? Feel free to talk to me in the comments. I'm not professional and I'm not even an adult but I can be mature when needed. I just wanted you to know I will try my best.
  1. I don't know what to say
  2. When I saw @ChrisK 's list I didn't believe it
    I'm not saying it's because he wrote it or anything I still wouldn't have believed it
  3. I didn't know her in real life but I knew her well on
  4. She was my first follower besides my mom who was the one who set me up here
  5. We commented on each other's lists a lot
  6. She inspired me to get a profile picture
  7. I keep liking and relisting every list of hers I haven't read in hopes that maybe, just maybe something will happen
  8. She's one of three people on this app who know my real name
    My mom and her friends know my name and biz and that's it
  9. At first I tried not to cry
  10. But then it realized that it's okay
  11. And I let it out
  12. And you should too
  13. Because it doesn't make any difference that you didn't know her in real life
    Or maybe you did
  14. You still knew her and she knew you
  15. Honestly I'm still in denial
  16. And to be honest we probably all are, maybe only just a little
  17. I'm worried to say things like this on this app because I don't want to say something wrong and have everyone get mad
  18. But this is for Biz and not me so I don't mind
  19. I will miss getting notifications with her name on them
  20. It's hard explaining my feelings
  21. But I know some of you can understand
  22. I won't tell anyone I know in real life except my mom who is on this app anyway
  23. Because I know they won't get it
  24. I'm really nervous and sad
  25. Biz was beautiful
  26. Her name is Elizabeth.