1. Everything seems to be falling
  2. People saying impending doom is near
  3. And I just want to help
  4. But I don't know how
  5. I try and keep my friends calm
  6. They have political debates
  7. We're seventh graders
  8. And having debates
  9. Everything has become political
  10. Even some of the community is becoming politics
  11. I don't want to offend anyone by this
  12. It's not a bad thing at all
  13. I'm just bothered
  14. Because I have no power to change anything
  15. Except ask people to provide evidence for their debates at school
  16. And I mean
  17. I'm kind of nervous
  18. Obama has been president for most of my life
  19. And now everyone is saying that Trump is going to change everything
  20. I have nothing against change
  21. I'm just bothered
  22. Because many people have different opinions
  23. On whether he will affect America in a positive or negative way
    Or both
  24. I feel like I'm not educated enough to talk about any of this
  25. But I also feel that I can say anything here and still be safe
  26. And if anyone has any arguments or anything along those lines I can explain
  27. I'm just bothered
  28. These political lists aren't exactly what I came for
  29. But they're kind of interesting
  30. Because by reading them I can become more educated on what is to come
  31. I have to admit
  32. I still cannot believe
  33. That Trump is going to be our president
  34. I guess this is kind of more of a 'me' list
  35. But either way I really needed to just put this out there
  36. If you got to the end of this list
  37. Congratulations and thank you
  38. It means a lot that you took the time out of your day to read this
  39. And if you didn't
  40. That's fine too
  41. 💖