Middle school smh
  1. Don't fall!
    Where I stumble everywhere and try to keep my balance
  2. Twister: Locker Edition
    Where you have to become a momentary body contortionist to get to your locker
  3. 5 Minutes!
    Where you have to open your P.E. locker in "5 minutes", get dressed, and get to your squad spot
  4. Trouble: Hall Edition
    Where you attempt to escape the traffic of people getting referrals
  5. Raise or Shout?
    Where you have to decide if you're supposed to raise my hand to answer a question or just shout it out and hope that you're right
  6. Clue: Classwork Edition
    Where you find out who killed your chances of having a fun day
  7. Ruuuuuuunnnnnnn
    Where you get down the stairs as fast as possible as to not be trampled
  8. Scrabble: Language Arts Edition
    Where you struggle to use better words than your language arts teacher, which won't happen, sorry
  9. Ugh: The Game
    Where you finally make it home and have to celebrate with homework because life