1. Oof
  2. I think I have one
  3. I have probably expire cede more scary things though 😂
  4. Ok so there a stupid game called Bloody Mary
    It's a game not alcohol a game people a GAME
  5. So what you do is go into the smallest bathroom around
    With a sink
  6. You go in by yourself
  7. Shut and lock the door
  8. Turn off the lights
  9. Turn on the sink
  10. Face the mirror and say Bloody Mary three times with your eyes closed
  11. Then the spirit of Bloody Mary comes
    You can look up her story I don't feel like telling it its long 😂
  12. Some dared me to do this
  13. I did
  14. As I finished I got soaked with water because the sink somehow plugged itself
  15. It wasn't ne
  16. The lights wouldn't turn on
  17. The door wouldn't open
  18. There were loud thundering noises
  19. I was so terrified I couldn't even cry
  20. I couldn't do anything so I turned off the water and eventually sat down
  21. I was still pretty terrified
  22. Then I felt a tickle on my leg
  23. It was a daddy long legs
    A grand one to be exact
  24. I have arachnophobia
  25. So basically to me it was a huge spider crawling up my leg
  26. Later my friend found me in the bathroom
  27. The door got stuck apparently
  28. The lights not turning on and the thunder were because of a storm
  29. Everyone forgot me
  30. This is the only time I have spoken about this
  31. I have yet to tell my parents