1. My family is getting a dog.
  2. We all wanted different names.
  3. Melville Carlisle Vaughn Dog Wilmot is what happens when you have an indecisive family.
  4. Melville is from my mom
    Herman Melville is a poet and she liked the name and thought the dog looked like him
  5. Carlisle is from me
    He was one of my favorite characters from the Twilight Saga AND I've been wanting to name a pet Carlisle so there was my chance
  6. Vaughn is from my great grandmother Julie
    She recently passed and we decided on using her maiden name
  7. Dog is also from me
    I meant to say Wilmot but I accidentally said dog and my mom kept it
  8. Wilmot is from my dad
    That's his last name (and my families' too)
  9. So yeah
  10. Melville Carlisle Vaughn Dog Wilmot
  11. What were we thinking