1. My day was eventful.
    And pretty crazy!!
  2. I went to an amazing beach that had basically no people.
  3. Beautiful sand, not a crazy amount of broken rocks and shells, and beautiful water.
  4. I was having lots of fun.
  5. We stayed for hours.
  6. I was extremely nervous of crabs and jellyfish.
  7. I felt better about the crabs when my dad said they were scared of me, but he told me the jellyfish don't do anything. They just float.
  8. He found a ton of jellyfish and a few crabs.
  9. Every time a piece of kelp floated past me, I freaked out, thinking it was a jellyfish.
  10. I was having so much fun!
  11. For a while, I stopped being so worried about jellyfish.
  12. Another piece of kelp floated on my arm, so I swam away from it.
  13. I few seconds later, my arm was burning and SUPER itchy.
  14. I freaked out and ran out of the water.
  15. I told my parents about my arm, and at first, they seemed a little skeptical.
    I was even skeptical at myself!
  16. I was freaking out and trying not to cry and itching my arm like crazy.
  17. My arm was starting to turn red and it seemed like it was just because of how I was itching it.
  18. My parents started helping me because they realized I had actually gotten stung by a jellyfish!
  19. I started hyperventilating and freaking out as lot
    I was panicking like a crazy person!😉
  20. My mom was using wipes to wipe down my arm.
  21. My dad said we should pee on it and I was laughing really hard trying to calm down
  22. He rinsed it off with seawater and we started packing up to leave.
  23. My brother all the while was really confused. He had no clue what had happened.
    He was just staring at me 😂
  24. I wanted to help but my parents wouldn't let me.
  25. My brother let me carry frisbees and that's it.
  26. I used the ice packs from the cooler on my arm.
  27. I stopped freaking out.
  28. We got packed up, and ended up having to go to the super small, super old looking CVS nearby.
  29. I took Benadryl, Tylenol, and put cortizone on my arm.
    If that's how you spell Benadryl I have no clue
  30. I put the ice packs back on and took a hot shower at home.
  31. I went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning, the red spots were gone!
  32. My arm doesn't even hurt anymore!
  33. So now I know that jellyfish stings aren't ALWAYS too bad.
  34. That was my day.
  35. How was yours?
  36. This mean couple took my cart while I was at the grocery store and on my way out, I ran into my psychiatrist.
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse