Requested by Brett 7

One Childhood Memory I Would Go Back and Relive

Thanks for the request @BWN_7!!! 💖
  1. It was in the third grade.
  2. It was my 9th birthday
    I thought it was my 8th
  3. I had it at this bouncy trampoline park thing where everything was inflated
  4. It was also some other kid's birthday so I didn't expect him and his friends to come
  5. So I didn't really expect anyone to be honest
  6. But like EVERYONE CAME
  7. It was amazing
  8. All my friends were there and so were my mom and dad and little brother
  9. It was so expensive
  10. But I think my mom and dad got their money's worth
  11. Everyone talked about it years after
  12. It was just so cool
  13. And the cake was delicious
  14. 🎊🎉🎁🎈🎂🍰