1. It is just so funny
  2. It's really cute too
  3. My mom would be Ice Bear
  4. I would be Panda
  5. My dad would be Grizz
  6. It's like they made a show about our lives
  7. Literally it is so weird
  8. Ice Bear doesn't talk very much and when he does it's usually in third person
  9. And lives in a fridge/freezer
  10. Ice Bear carries all the Bears on the bottom of the bear stack which reminds me of my mom because she takes care of us all
    I don't know how to explain it but I hope you know what I mean.
  11. Ice Bear cooks the food, like my mom.
  12. He also has an axe
  13. Grizz is the oldest
  14. He protects the other bears and makes sure they have fun
  15. Tries to make sure they have fun at least
  16. He is on the top of the bear stack and is the leader (like my dad)
  17. Panda has a phone and is always taking selfies
  18. He trips over his own feet
  19. I mean paws.
  20. He often gets confused and will do anything for a date with a guuuurl
  21. He will also do anything to get lots of likes on social media
  22. He is in the middle of the bear stack.
  23. It's just a really cute show and it's basically the story of my life!
  24. Bye!!