1. As you may know I haven't been on so much anymore
  2. I've been suuuuuuper busy
  3. My teachers don't ever give out much homework
  4. It's been that way since sixth grade
  5. And then all of a sudden I guess they realized they never gave me much homework
  6. And decided they would just throw it all in my face
  7. So I never have time to check that much anymore
  8. And my notifications have been exploding
  9. And I am worried I'm missing good li.sts
  10. And I don't know if I'm missing anything or what it is
    This is so long
  11. So please suggest any good li.sts or anything I may have missed!!!
  12. @LizDawson has a compilation list every week that's full of favorites. It's usually a good mix of things and if you put her in your notifications you can explore from there. Lists We've Liked This Week ( Dec. 5-11)
    Also I put listers who list things I don't want to miss in notifications and use that as a chronological feed instead.
    Suggested by   @jennifergster