I still refuse to get contacts.
  1. When I get my hands dirty so I can't clean them
  2. When people (my mom) won't let me use my shirt to clean them
  3. When the cloth I use isn't available because it is being washed
    Because my glasses are always dirty, 24/7.
  4. When they slide down my nose
  5. When they fall off my face completely
  6. When they get scratched even though I had to persuade my mom into buying a scratch-free coat on them
  7. When you have to exercise and you can't decide whether you want them on or off
    It's pretty much deciding whether you want to risk getting hurt because you can't see, or risking your glasses falling off and breaking
  8. Realizing you will never get to enjoy bungee jumping because you won't be able to see or you will lose your glasses
    Still, never to the contacts.
  9. And last, worrying about laser eye surgery happening in your future so you don't have to have glasses or contacts.
    Does the surgery even work, though? I imagine it like Star Wars or Galaga. *pew pew*