1. I'm clumsy
  2. VERY clumsy
  3. Two years and two months ago, I broke my toe on an ottoman leg
  4. My friend came over in the morning to ask for a ride to school and I fell off the couch and freaked out
  5. I went to run upstairs and tell my mom hitting my toe on the way
  6. I went a whole day limping around in school
  7. We checked after and it looked baaaaad
  8. Today
  9. I went to use the bathroom
  10. And I hit my toe
  11. Really hard
  12. On the door frame
  13. Soon it started swelling
  14. Eventually it turned bluish
    As toes should not
  15. And we ended out in urgent care
  16. Four hours ago
  17. That's how clumsy I am
  18. Darn door frames