To my many peers, to whoever it is for you
  1. Stop being racist
    Yes, I'm Korean. No, that doesn't make it appropriate to call me a "Koreaboo".
  2. Stop saying rude things about my family
    Yes, I slapped you in the face. Yes, you very well deserved it. And yes, I know that you know it, because you accepted it.
  3. Stop bullying my friends and I
    Yes, I have defended my friends. No, you do not have the authority to tell my friends and I what I can or cannot do. Yes, you need to get your life together and figure out something to do with it rather than bullying my friends and I.
  4. Stop throwing things at my friends and I
    Sure, you "accidentally" threw a half-eaten pizza at one of my best friends. Sure, you "accidentally" dropped containers of opened marinara sauce on my friend and I. Sure.
  5. Seriously. Just stop. Grow up.