1. Ok so just so you know, I have a little brother
  2. At the time he was two or three
  3. And my mom had just made these really good muffins
  4. Like really really good
  5. And I made the mistake of trying to take the last one instead of my brother getting it
  6. Bad idea
  7. Why? You may be wondering
  8. Because he wanted it too
  9. And he decided the only way to get it was to head butt me
  10. Did I tell you he has a hard head
  11. It hurt and I doubled over in pain and he saw his chance to run away with the muffin in hand
  12. These were mini muffins by the way
  13. And so I ran after him to try to get it
  14. Failing miserably
  15. The last thing I saw of that muffin was my brother shoving it in his face
  16. I should have tried to get the muffin before him
  17. 😔
  18. RIP mini muffin
    You will be missed