When Life High Fives Your Face

Assumptions can be bad
  1. When you are making a sandwich and you are proud because it's perfect then you see the huge hole in it
  2. When you decide to drive somewhere and see your gas tank is practically empty but still do it and there isn't enough
    It's time to get towed!!
  3. When you figure there's enough coffee in the tin but there's really not
    Have a great day!
  4. When you say you will look at one more list then waste all the charge on your phone
  5. When you dye your hair and you can't see it because you didn't feel like bleaching it
  6. When you think 2% is enough charge
  7. When 3 Chips Ahoy seems like enough lunch
    You will regret
  8. When 1/8 of a bag of cheese seems like enough for lasagna
  9. When you think you could go without sugar in your coffee/tea
    Or anything else you drink
  10. When you feel it's okay to sit a drink from Starbucks in your backseat
    Or any other drink that will stain your seats when it falls over and spills on a gentle barely at all turn
  11. When you think you can drive down a road as fast as you want because there's never any cops on it, and then you get pulled over by a cop on that road.
    Suggested by   @wilmotwrites