World Teacher's Day: The Teachers That Impacted Me the Most

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Ms. West, Mrs. Tauss, Mrs. Bossong, Mrs. Brower, and Mrs Bolton
    My k-4 teachers who instilled a passion for individuality, creativity, and learning that has stayed with me all of my life and will remain my frame of reference for my own experiences as an elementary education teacher.
  2. Mrs. Roemer
    My 8th grade English teacher who mistook my 'finishing a book fast to get it over with' as a love of reading and gave me extra books to read that ended up creating a true love of reading. . . and a much better work ethic.
  3. Mrs. Marino
    My 12th grade English teacher for teaching me how to ACTUALLY write a powerful and worthwhile paper.
  4. Mr. Steeves
    My 11th grade Chemistry teacher, for being my best friend and someone I could trust with all of my pre-adulthood catastrophes. Also, for always believing in the best version of me, even when I didn't.