Another request from my work wife @sam -- can I get a ride home tomorrow?
  1. PRO: Eco-friendly is super chic right now
  2. CON: Everyone assumes you don't have a license, got a DUI, or can't afford a car
  3. PRO: I can pretend to be forward thinking
  4. CON: I have to use one of those old woman carts to bring my groceries home.
  5. PRO: I can get aggressively drunk and not have to worry about getting home.
  6. CON: Drunk bus rides are NOT fun. Avoid at all costs.
  7. PRO: I get to meet lots of weird people in Uber rides.
    They want to chat, I want to practice my monologue about being a budding director or college professor.
  8. CON: I have to listen to lots of weird people in Uber rides.
    I've heard about messy divorces, sick dogs and failed music careers. I. DON'T. CARE.
  9. PRO: I never have to pay for parking
    I laugh at all you paying $150/month for a spot or changing their entire day's plans to be sure to move their car for street cleaning.
  10. CON: I feel like a 10 year old asking his mother for a ride if I need to get places quickly.
  11. PRO: I literally have zero idea what gas prices are like
    This doesn't stop my mother from the Midwest from asking every time I speak to her.
  12. CON: It's always super awkward to bring up on dates.
    There's nothing like not owning a car to bring some awkward silence during a first date. Again, everyone thinks you're a liability
  13. PRO: Taking LA public transit might actually mean that other people will support LA public transit.
  14. CON: Public transit, while tolerable, is a nightmare what it's not on time.
    Oh, you don't want to wait 35 minutes longer for a bus that was supposed to get here 20 minutes ago?