Per request from @sam, who knows my terrible eating habits better than most. I am a monster.
  1. Taco Bell (at 9am before going to a waterpark)
    To my defense, I was like 16. But I would do it again.
  2. A bag of Doritos and a Twix bar
    A staple of my daily well-being.
  3. An entire container of cottage cheese
    Not one of my greater moments.
  4. Water
    I thought that I could save money by just drinking tons of water instead of eating meals. Needless to say, it failed.
  5. Leftover lasagna
    Did not reheat. Did not use a fork.
  6. College campus sushi with imitation crab
    Also used my hands to eat. Apparently I can't be bothered to use utensils in the morning?
  7. A pair of frozen burritos
    And not of the breakfast variety. Think beans and cheese and beef.