there are 20 people on this call
  1. "Well, I think we don't need to introduce everyone, but I'd like to say who I am" - man whose dog keeps barking in the back
  2. "If I cut out its because my kids are in the car"
    I'm not sure I fully understand , but she did cut out 3 times, so thanks for the warning
  3. "If you can see the shared screen, don't say anything, unless you have any questions"
    this man has had a lot of questions
  4. "We view this call as interactive, but please save your questions until the end"
    I think by interactive he means he will be walking his dog and introducing himself
  5. "Sorry, I'm pretty new to this call, so excuse my next question"
    what does this mean? who isn't new to the call?
  6. "Basically, I think what we are trying to get at is an understanding"
    Hit it on the head!
  7. "Danny, do you want to answer that question?"
    Not particularly, I was making a list and was not listening
  8. "We only have an hour left, so let's really dig in here"