Inspired by @marymurphy
  1. Spotting editing continuity errors.
    Important life skill.
  2. Screenwriting
    Sometimes. I guess. I prob suck at this but it's a thing I say I do sometimes.
  3. Dressing
    I don't always care what i wear, but I know what works, especially men's dress clothes.
  4. Listening
    Not to respond, but to understand. I think that's one of those Facebook quotes but still. I got that good empathy y'all.
  5. Analogies
    I'm basically the human version of Veep. This was an analogy. (Right?)
  6. Relating anything to Seinfeld
    Might be my #1 talent honestly.
  7. Shaving/Grooming
    This is as specific as I'd like to be.
  8. Worrying
    I will out-worry your ass try me TRY ME @marymurphy
  9. Scrambled Eggs
    I scramble eggs so good you don't know.
  10. Constructing/Deconstructing Arguments
    Should've been a lawyer.
  11. Remembering random tidbits about people
    I pride myself on my tidbits.
  12. Being nonjudgemental
    Do whatever you want, idc and don't understand why others do.
  13. Beer pong
    I'm ancient now so it doesn't happen often, but I used to be a world champion.
  14. Giving speeches
    Surprising bc I don't like being put on the spot or talking all that much, but if prepared I can deliver the goods.
  15. Rationalization
    Face reality, Eric.
  16. Bonus: Being there for my people.
    I'm a pain in the ass but I got your back. Possibly bc I have no life but nevertheless.
  17. Bonus Bonus: Forearms
    I'm just good at accentuating them.