1. This just hit me.
  2. This is us.
  3. I mean. Past generations would lose touch when they moved away.
  4. Different phone number. Different address.
  5. It was natural for good friends to lose touch with each other as time passed and people went on to live their lives.
  6. Now we have an endless array of ways to keep in touch with people.
  7. My cell phone number isn't changing unless I want it to.
  8. Social media in all its forms.
  9. Email.
  10. Whatever future technology comes along.
  11. You're not getting rid of someone unless you flat out tell them to leave you alone.
  12. Even then...probably not.
  13. And unless we choose to completely disconnect, we're going to have a general idea what what Ben from high school is up to until the day he dies 60 years from now.
  14. Seems kind of exhausting.
  15. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this clearly. But this actually freaks me out a little. Little bit of a mind fuck.