1. LinkedIn
    The gossip queen. Blabs to everyone you lost your job and whatnot.
  2. Twitter
    The shady one always talking that talk behind your back.
  3. Snapchat
    The one with the attention span of a goldfish. You try to share a tv show or movie with them and they're looking at their phone every 2 seconds.
  4. The List App
    The one you've always thought was deeper and more intelligent than they let on. A little oversensitive. The iceberg of the group. 90% below the surface.
  5. Peach
    The one no one liked because they tried too hard to please everyone.
  6. Instagram
    The narcissistic one who only judges people based on how they look. Either lives at the gym or a future diabetic.
  7. Periscope
    The one sharing way too much personal information. Keep some things to yourself, pal.
  8. Tumblr
    The one constantly lost in thought. Always in their own head, never in the moment.
  9. Google Plus
    The one that can't take a hint. Comes out of the woodwork and asks you to hang out every once in a while. Undeterred by the growing number of times you've ignored them.
  10. Vine
    The one who's got nothing better to say. Repeats the same jokes to different group members in hopes one of them will find it funny.
  11. MySpace
    The one who was super popular in school, but struggles in the real world because they don't really know who they are. Desperately rebrands themselves every couple years in hopes of recapturing the glory days.
  12. Facebook
    The one you've known all your life. You've grown apart but been through too much to go your separate ways. They remember all the embarrassing shit you used to do and won't hesitate to bring it up. Prob wouldn't be friends if you met today.