This will take a little exposition, bear with me.
  1. So I'll be at physical therapy for a few weeks because I tweaked my stupid shoulder.
  2. This morning I'm doing an exercise, talking football with my therapist who's an Eagles fan.
  3. In walks this middle aged white guy, and the therapist says oh he's a Cowboys fan too talk with him.
  4. So we're talking about the Cowboys for a while and we get on the topic of Dak Prescott, a black rookie QB that's taken over for an injured Tony Romo, if any readers didn't know.
  5. Dak's been doing really well and some think Romo won't get his job back (he will).
  6. Therapist says: I bet Dak didn't think people would be having that conversation when he first took over.
  7. Me: I bet he did, he seems to be a very confident guy.
  8. Middle aged guy: I'm not so sure about that.
  9. I reiterated that Dak has a lot of confidence, not that he's a cocky guy, just that I bet he knew he'd play well.
  10. Middle aged guy: Nah he's not cocky, that's when it becomes a problem, when *they* start acting like animals
  11. It got really silent after he said that. Luckily I wasn't facing him at the time, I was facing the opposite way balancing my stomach on a medicine ball while doing an exercise.
  12. Idt anyone could believe he actually said that.
  13. And then he repeated it.
  14. Sure, there are plenty of white players in the NFL. And sure, a lot of players both white and black do some crazy things on and off the field. But the vast majority of the league is black, and the player we were talking about is black.
  15. I think the room full of white people knew what he really meant, but no one said anything.
  16. I felt like I should have, but literally just met this guy and I guess I didn't want to jump to conclusions.
  17. That's probably an excuse.
  18. Because it sure sounded not-so-casually racist and it bothered me.
  19. I probably should have said something. Maybe at least a "what do you mean by that" so he could realize that even if he's thinking it, not everyone is and he shouldn't be saying things like that out loud.
  20. But I didn't. Hopefully there isn't another opportunity.
  21. And then later, while getting ice, a middle aged lady says the election is a matter of the lesser of two evils (not really). But she's not sure who's the lesser evil (really?)
  22. Let's see. One's an openly racist, sexist, ignorant, reckless, unprepared, unqualified and shockingly thin-skinned ego-driven jackass who lost a billion dollars in one year on CASINOS.
    Also very much wants to fuck his own daughter. Seriously, google it if you didn't already know.
  23. The other is a qualified and prepared woman who's been accused of lying in the past.
    What politician hasn't?
  24. I understand there are other issues people have with Clinton, and in any other election they might be very legitimate. But not this election, not against this guy. His judgment and his world-view are flat out dangerous to our safety.
  25. I don't understand how some people don't see that.
  26. And his bullshit rhetoric makes people like that Cowboys fan more and more comfortable opening their mouth to say the dumb shit they're thinking without consequence.
  27. We all probably should have said something.
  28. UPDATE: Clearly racist guy announced today he's voting for Trump.
  29. Also according to him, Trump kicked the shit out of her in the second debate.
    I guess people see what they want to see.