1. Gotta be rough.
  2. Same scenery, same fish, all the time.
  3. What if there's one asshole fish who pisses everyone off?
  4. There's no getting away.
  5. Could hide in one of those castle thingies for a while.
  6. How long can you keep that up, though?
  7. Gotta swim and live your life.
  8. His reign of terror would never end. There are no checks and balances once he's established himself as the alpha fish.
  9. Who's gonna stop him?
  10. This fool?
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  11. That's Pat the Cherry Barb. Pat ain't gonna do a goddamn thing.
  12. You're a coward, Pat.
  13. This list is outlandish nonsense.
  14. I did abs at the gym today for the first time in like two years, so I'm probably just in that weird exhausted creative state of mind.
    I have a loose definition of what's creative.
  15. Don't expect any analogies to how we're all just living in a fishbowl.
  16. That wasn't the intent.
  17. Just feel like being a fish in a fish bowl would really blow.
  18. Even for a bitch like Pat the Cherry Barb.
  19. Alright, that's all I have.
  20. Food is probably awful. Soggy ass flakes.