Y'all. Oh, y'all. You're all pretty cool. Here's some things I like about you that I wish I could inherit. Bite me. Like bite me, like Peter Parker's spider and maybe I'll get some of these traits in my stupid DNA. Idk it was a bad joke alright, whatever guys.
  1. Confidence for days. Gimme dat.
  2. Adventurous. Curious. Unafraid. Gimme dat, homegirl.
  3. Contagious enthusiasm. You're like a hilarious hummingbird. GIMME. DAT.
  4. Seems like a genuinely nice dude. I, on the other hand...world class asshole. Gimme dat.
  5. Sharp as a tack. Always makes me laugh with her ability to relate anything to Seinfeld. I thought I was good at this until I came across the master. You also strike me as someone that gives sage advice. Gimme dat advice.
  6. Relentless positivity. Gimme dat, I really need it.
  7. Super descriptive in her writing. Poetry 💯, dawg. I'm not that deep. Gimme-gimme dat word talent.
  8. Originality off the charts. Sees things from a different angle. Gimme dat perspective, sir.
  9. INFORMATIVE! Always has interesting facts and tidbits to share with everyone. Gimme dat thirst for knowledge!
  10. Treasure trove of honesty. Rejector of bullshit. I have a hard time with both of these. 🎤 Gimme datttt pleaseee 🎤
  11. Ability to write bomb ass late night monologue jokes. And other jokes too. Super funny. Gimme dat comedy.
  12. Clever and insightful in a way I like to think I can be, but probably not in reality. Gimme dat, Tommy.
  13. Seems very grounded, like she has her shit together. Like nothing shakes her. Everything shakes me. Gimme dat foundation. (Plus really good at finding puns on the Internet)
  14. Brave, open book. Strikes me as the persevering type. Persistence!-- Gimme dat. (Good taste in music as well)
  15. Transparent. Candid about herself, even when it sounds like it hurts. Gimme dat.
  16. Seems like a free spirit of sorts. This is not me. It's a good quality to have. Gimme dat whimsy!
  17. This guy's new here. You should all follow him. Really funny and clever. Gimme dat.
  18. Dedicated to what she cares about (dance). Does it for her, not for other people's approval. Gimme dat resolve!
  19. Goddamn bravery. Courageous and 💪. Gimme all dat.
  20. @dad3 @gwcoffey
    So damn wise. Erudite af. Gimme dat wisdom.
  21. Those eyebrows. Kidding, I've got brows enough for the both of us, Novak. I'll take your yarn spinning ability. Gimme dat thank youuuu.
  22. My apologies to anyone I may have misrepresented with my characterizations. These are just my impressions off reading your lists since I've been on here.
  23. And yeah, I sucked up to BJ at the end, sue me. Sorry in advance as well, I definitely forgot many people. You all have wonderful qualities too.
  24. Gimme dat.