1. The brother totally did it.
  2. Dolores Avery looks like a wrinkled albino grinch.
  3. Here.
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  4. And here.
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  5. You're welx.
  6. This woman better have been a babe back in the day because even she found someone to spend her life with and I can't find jack dick.
  7. I don't think she was a babe.
  8. Shit.
  9. The grinch is legitimately terrifying.
  10. I sincerely enjoyed watching the decade long evolution and devolution of Mr. Avery's facial hair.
  11. Steven Avery has an IQ of 74 and he's by far the most eloquent member of that family.
  12. Yeah?
  13. Yeah.
  14. Yeah?
  15. Yeah.
  16. Lenk and Colburn...these nippleheads.
  17. Imagine their families watching this.
  18. "There's grandpa on the stand!"
  19. Lying through his fucking teeth.
  20. That's your grandfather, literally making shit up for the hell of it, putting innocent people in jail for life.
  21. That has to throw a little cold water on all those loving childhood memories.
  22. Or you could just deny deny deny in the face of overwhelming evidence, a la Mike Halbach.
    Because he totally did it.
  23. The ex-boyfriend was prob in on it too.
  24. Those lawyers though. 👏👏👏
  25. I feel bad for Brendan most of all. Kid's going to be in jail for most of his life because he can't distinguish between a cop questioning him in a murder investigation and a teacher calling on him in class. Just saying random shit so they'll call on someone else.
  26. Go to hell with that absurd head of hair.
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  27. Sup skeptical. We see you.
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  28. Did the Sheriff really say "if we wanted Steven Avery killed, it would've been easier just to kill him." Holy hell.
  29. Steven Avery: Poor people lose, poor people lose all the time.
    💯, sir. 💯
  30. Here's hoping Brendan gets to see Wrestlemania again one day. 🍺🍺🍺