My (Very Crowded) Mantourage

Inspired by @jhope71
  1. Jerry Seinfeld
    Answer all of his endless inquisitive curiosities.
  2. Vince Gilligan
    Spin me a yarn, good sir.
  3. Will Smith
    Maybe bond over a ciga-cigar, right from Cuba-Cuba, I just bite it, it's for the look, I don't light it.
  4. Patrick Warburton
    Every word out of this guys mouth is gold. Gold, Jerry, gold.
  5. Obama
    I want to watch sports and eat nachos with this fella.
  6. Larry David
    He probably wouldn't show up.
  7. Steve Carrell
    This man warms my heart.
  8. Bryan Cranston
    Self explanatory.
  9. Aaron Paul
    To call me a bitch, obviously. And then call Cranston a bitch.
  10. Jamie Foxx
    Simply so I can call him Motherfucker Jones all the time. And he can then punch me in the brain all the time.
  11. Tony Romo
    Because he's a gd legend and I will not accept any opposing opinions on this. Real Cowboys fans know what's up.
  12. Jerry Jones
    He's filthy rich and he says the most bizarre shit. A man like that is always useful. Plus, if he's with me, he can't run the Cowboys into the ground. Can he?
  13. Aziz Ansari
    Because he's both happy AND go-lucky.
  14. Robert Durst
    To keep everyone on their toes.