Inspired by @jhope71
  1. Jerry Seinfeld
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    Answer all of his endless inquisitive curiosities.
  2. Vince Gilligan
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    Spin me a yarn, good sir.
  3. Will Smith
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    Maybe bond over a ciga-cigar, right from Cuba-Cuba, I just bite it, it's for the look, I don't light it.
  4. Patrick Warburton
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    Every word out of this guys mouth is gold. Gold, Jerry, gold.
  5. Obama
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    I want to watch sports and eat nachos with this fella.
  6. Larry David
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    He probably wouldn't show up.
  7. Steve Carrell
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    This man warms my heart.
  8. Bryan Cranston
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    Self explanatory.
  9. Aaron Paul
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    To call me a bitch, obviously. And then call Cranston a bitch.
  10. Jamie Foxx
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    Simply so I can call him Motherfucker Jones all the time. And he can then punch me in the brain all the time.
  11. Tony Romo
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    Because he's a gd legend and I will not accept any opposing opinions on this. Real Cowboys fans know what's up.
  12. Jerry Jones
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    He's filthy rich and he says the most bizarre shit. A man like that is always useful. Plus, if he's with me, he can't run the Cowboys into the ground. Can he?
  13. Aziz Ansari
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    Because he's both happy AND go-lucky.
  14. Robert Durst
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    To keep everyone on their toes.