1. Couldn't really think of anything the last 2 days.
  2. Just now I remembered when I was a teenager..early teenager, we used to have my dad's family over every year for a 4th of July BBQ.
  3. It was always the best time. Pool, food, etc.
  4. One year we were playing that "taps" or "21" basketball game.
  5. Not sure how others played it, but we always shot from the "free throw line", 2 rebounders, misses were tapped in without feet touching the ground.
  6. First to 21 wins.
  7. If you made the shot, you kept going until you missed and a rebounder successfully tapped the ball in with their feet in the air.
  8. I was at the line and kept hitting shot after shot. Must've been 15 in a row.
  9. I sucked and still suck at basketball, so this was an accomplishment.
  10. My Dad's cousin Freddy was cheering me on.
  11. Freddy's this little guy from Italy always mispronouncing words. He's hilarious. The best person to be around. Always a happy face.
  12. All of a sudden he started calling me DCD.
  13. "Hey DCD, you on fire, you hot!"
  14. We have no idea what DCD means.
  15. Nobody, not even Freddy.
  16. It literally means nothing, stands for nothing, it's just something that came out of his broken English mouth.
  17. We still don't know what it means, but Freddy and his kids and grandkids still call me that to this day.
  18. And I called Freddy that back as well...because it has no meaning whatsoever.
  19. I thought of this today after not being able to think of anything for 2 days because Freddy passed away this morning.
  20. I don't want to be morbid or attention grabby or anything like that.
  21. But it was on my mind.
  22. It was a good memory for everyone, something that stuck with us for a lot of years.
  23. So I miss that.