Emotional Eric has arrived. Might delete, idk we'll see.
  1. Brush your hair back.
  2. Kiss your forehead.
  3. Tell you about the first time I saw you.
  4. Meet your parents.
  5. Slow dance.
  6. Hold you in complete, comfortable silence.
  7. Take you on a date.
  8. Take you to the wedding we were supposed to go to together.
  9. Have breakfast, just us.
  10. Be the one you need.
  11. Tell you how crazy rare you are...
  12. How your soul lights up every room you walk into...
  13. That nothing in this world is as beautiful as you...
  14. And that when I ask your advice, I do so because I admire you.
  15. Things I Did Get to Do With You:
  16. Be your friend.
  17. Express my obsession for how 🔥 your eyebrows are.
  18. Earn your trust.
  19. Be there for you, whether you needed me or not.
  20. Grow comfortable around you.
  21. Meet your friends.
  22. Laugh.
  23. There's a lot I didn't and will never get to do. I still love you all the same, beautiful eyebrow girl.