1. Ross Geller is the biggest tool in the history of TV and tools.
  2. There's really nothing appealing about Monica's personality.
  3. Latter years Phoebe is pretty cool.
  4. Early years Phoebe is too much for me.
  5. Joey is the most stereotypical Eye-talian and in stereotypical Eye-talian fashion, that makes me mad.
  6. Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger. Seriously, Google it.
  7. If you already knew that well then fuck you I don't see you making any lists for me to read. Ingrate.
  8. I can't separate Rachel from Jennifer Aniston because Jennifer Aniston is a delight. So, Rachel, you're okay in my book.
  9. Ross and Rachel aren't even a good couple.
  10. Think about it: Ross got married 15 different times since Rachel moved to the city. They're constantly competing/making each other feel bad for dating other people. They really don't share any discernible emotional connection. Why are they a great couple? Bc Ross liked her in high school? Gimme a break.
  11. TV couples ranked:
  12. 1. Jim & Pam
  13. 2. Ben & Leslie
  14. 3....9,998. Everybody else
  15. 9,999. Brody & Carrie
  16. 10,000. Ross & Rachel
  17. Yes, I'm serious. Carrie and a terrorist are a better couple than Ross and Rachel. Not just Brody, though. Pick a terrorist. Any ol' terrorist will do.
  18. After a girl breaks up with Ross, Chandler jokes: "if you're not careful, you might not get married at all this year." It's probably my favorite line of the series.
  19. These people hug each other way too damn much.
  20. I prefer the Seinfeld motto: No hugging, no learning.
  21. They actually do a lot of shitty things to one another if you think about it. They're pretty terrible "F.R.I.E.N.D.S"
  22. I know way too much about this show.
  23. What do those periods even mean? Is that supposed to be something? Stupid.
  24. I clearly don't like this show why do I keep watching.
  25. Maybe I secretly like it?
  26. Nah, I don't.
  27. Friends is terrible.